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  • Art/Practice-Based Research 

  • Film-making

  • Documentary and Experimental Film

  • Photography

  • Politics of Representation

  • Indigenous Filmmaking

  • Representing Cultures and the 'Other'

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Ethnographic Methods  

  • Trans-Cultural Collaborations

  • Media and Communication

  • Reception Studies

  • World Cinema

  • Film Festivals





  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Decolonising local knowledge - Arhuaco filmmaking as a form of cultural opposition’ in: Art, Visuality & Indigenity in unsubmissive Key. Cuadernos de música, artes visuales y artes escénicas (Journal of Music, Visual and Performing Arts); Vol. 16 N.2, 2021, Pontifical Xavierian University, Bogota, Colombia (forthcoming)

  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Intercultural communication and decolonial strategies in the Arhuaco filmmaking and collaborations’, together with a documentary ‘The Voice of the Sierra Nevada’, in: AnthroVision SI: Epistemic Disobedience: Transcultural and Collaborative Filmmaking as a Decolonial Option (Published: November 2020)

  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Voice of the Arhuacos: Transcending the borders of ‘indigenous’ filmmaking in Colombia’, in: The Journal of Communication and Media Studies, Common Ground Research Networks; published in April 2019  (DOI: 10.18848/2470-9247/CGP/v04i02/45-52)

  • Peer-reviewed: ‘A Photographer in the field – art photography versus research image-making’ in: Journal for Artistic Research; pending resubmission

  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Photography and touch - translating real-life experience into visual storytelling’ in: The International Journal of the Image; pending resubmission



  • Peer-reviewed: ‘Politics of representation, contexts of dissemination, and the indigenous communicators in Colombia’; accepted book publication by the Common Ground Research Network, pending draft submission


Book Chapters


Online publications



  • Politics – Documentary and Photojournalism Panel at 2nd International Conference Photography and Academic Research: Images in Post-Truth Era; 6-8 September 2018, Birkbeck, London

  • Politics / Art – Truth and Colonialism Panel at 2nd International Conference Photography and Academic Research: Images in Post-Truth Era; 6-8 September 2018, Birkbeck, London (invitation)

online articles
conference chairing


conference presentations


  • 7th International Conference on Professional & Practice-Based Doctorates: The Role of Practice in Doctoral Degrees, 23-26 February 2021, Middlesex University London, UK Council for Graduate Education

  • Sixth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, 7-8 October 2021, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


  • Eighteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Jul 1, 2020 – Jul 3, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Venice, Italy (changed to virtual)

  • MeCCSA Brighton: Media Interactions and Environments, University of Brighton 8 - 10 January 


  • Eleventh Conference on East-West Cross-Cultural Relations: Dialogues in Transition: Luso-Hispanic Cultural Production and Global South Exchanges; May 9-12th, Warsaw-Cracow-Bielsko Biala

  • V International Congress on Visual Culture; 15-16 April, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Congress' theme: Latin America from the Image: the Historical Narrative and Visual Culture


  • Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, 18–19 October, University of California, Berkeley, USA; Presented paper: Indigenous Filmmaking with Mainstream Ambitions: Intercultural Communication Transcending Established Order

  • 2nd International Conference Photography and Academic Research: Images in the Post-Truth Era, 6-8 September, Birkbeck, University of London; Presented Paper: Image re-enactions in the Arhuaco self-representation practices

  • International Congress on Visual Culture; 28-29 May, Rome; Accepted Paper: Audio-Visual Self-Representation As An Intercultural Communication - Indigenous Filmmaking For Mainstream Audiences

  • Latin American Studies Association Congress (LASA2018), May 23 - 26, Barcelona, Spain; Accepted Paper: 'Colombian Indigenous Filmmaking through European eyes'

  • AHGBI (The Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland) Annual Conference, 26-28 March, Leeds; Presented paper: ‘Indigenous filmmakers with mainstream ambitions: Creating a digital archive of the Arhuaco heritage’

  • SLAS Annual Conference, 22-23 March, University of Southampton; Presented Paper: 'The Arhuacos in Different Light - Comparative Study of the approach from the UK and Colombia'


  • International Conference: Border Subjects/Global Hispanisms; 24-25 November; Presented paper: ‘Transcending the borders of indigenous filmmaking in Colombia’ 

  • MediAsia: The Asian Conference on Media, Communication and Film; 27-29 October, Kobe, Japan; Presented paper: ‘Representing interculturally on the example of indigenous filmmaking in Colombia’ (click for the full text)

  • ¿La Paz es Ahora? Examining the question of Peace and Violence in Colombia; Newcastle University, 29th September; Presented paper: ‘Narratives of violence through the indigenous eyes - Arhuaco filmmaking as a response to forced displacement’ 


  • Student conference Birkbeck, University of London, May. Fieldwork report from filming in Colombia, Sept 2015 - Jan2016


  • RAI Anthropology and Photography Conference, British Museum, May, London. Presented paper: ‘Photographer in the field: collaborative visual work as a research methodology to investigate Indigenous self-representation practices in Colombia’

  • SLAS annual conference, April, Birkbeck, London. Presented paper: ‘Colombian Dream comes true, or the emergence of new Colombian cinema’


  • SLAS Annual Conference, April, Manchester. Presented paper: ‘Researching visual representations of the Indigenous Identities’ for the ‘Fieldwork, Art, Science: Issues on Audio-Visual Based Research’ panel

  • Between Bodies conference, Dublin. Presented paper: ‘Photography and touch - relation between body senses and the photographic image’


  • Travel Seminars, Oxford, November, Presented paper: ‘Direct travel experience versus photography storytelling’



  • June 2020: the International Award for Excellence for the Journal of Communication and Media Studies 

  • May 2020 - CDT GTA-PhD Scholarship - FMJ for PhD principal supervision for the project- Sonic Landscape of the Documentary Format - Practice-Based Research 

  • March 2018: shortlisted for one of the scholarships for Young Researchers granted by the scientific committee of the IV International Congress of Visual Culture by the International Community of Visual Culture

  • January 2018: AHGBI conference support grant

  • December 2017: SLAS Conference Grant

  • July 2015: CILAVS Travel Grant for the fieldwork in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

  • June 2014: Santander Travel Bursary

  • March 2014: Postgraduate Travel Award by Society for Latin American Studies

  • 2012: AHGBI/Spanish Embassy Travel Award 

  • October 2011: Premio Bertelli for the photography project ‘Little Treasures’, Bologna

  • March 2010: Postgraduate Travel Award by Society for Latin American Studies

  • 2006: European Commission prize for the ‘Almost Like Home’ educational project and solo photographic exhibition, London in collaboration with teenagers of Polish origins and Ilford Park Polish Home


  • Film on Demand: #WednesdayWisdom webinar at Staffordshire University, 20th May 2020 -

  • Featured on the European Association for Digital Humanities 

  • CHASE ‘Addressing Access’ Conference, with a focus on widening participation in Academia, Open University, London, 11th March 2018

  • PILAS-CLACS ‘Fieldwork in Latin America and the Caribbean Research Workshop’ 5 Dec 2017, Manchester

  • Presented at the Arts Week 2016, Birkbeck, University of London: Indigenous filmmaking from Colombia

  • Invited Talk: Colombian Indigenous Films, Muxima, 22nd May 2016 

  • Invited Talk: ‘Flickering Darkness’ - presentation and panel discussion at Birkbeck Cinema alongside with artist Juan delGado and Andrés David Montenegro Rosero, History of Art Teaching Fellow, University College London;

  • Organised a special retrospective of Colectivo Zhigoneshi’s works at Birkbeck University, London and Q&A with Charlotte Gleghorn, Chancellor’s Fellow, Hispanic Studies, University of Edinburgh, May 16-17, 2016. 

  • Organised Tate Film: Luis Ospina and Grupo de Cali retrospective, Tate Modern, 28-29 November 2014; 

  • Collaborated organising and presented at the Arts Week 2014, Birkbeck, University of London

  • Presented and co-organised ‘Thinking Visually: Iberian and Latin American Images in Practice and Research’, a discussion alongside with Dolores Galindo and Leyneuf Tines, 20 May 2013, Birkbeck, London. 



  • MeCCSA - Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association

  • Society for Artistic Research

  • BAFTSS - British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies

  • IAFVC - International Association For Visual Culture

  • RAI - Royal Anthropological Institute Student Fellow 

  • LASA - Latin American Studies Association

  • RPS - Royal Photographic Society (expired)

  • SLAS - Society for Latin American Studies 

  • WISPS - Women in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin-American Studies

  • AHGBI - Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland

  • Corkscrew – Practice-based research network at Birkbeck

  • CMSRN - Communications & Media Studies Research Network

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