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Collaborative video with the Zhigoneshi Collective from the Arhuaco community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

This film is part of extensive practice-based research that explores the questions of indigenous self-representation practices in the region as a response to violence (both political and cultural) in the region. 

With plenty of technical imperfections which resulted from a very low-key one-person crew, I find an enormous value in this short film also as a reflection on my position as a practice-based researcher. 

Music by Korbowód and Dave Paying.

I have published three academic texts about this research projects:

Decolonising Local Knowledge – Arhuaco Filmmaking as a Form of Cultural Opposition

The Voice of the Sierra Nevada - Intercultural Communication and Decolonial Strategies in the Arhuaco Filmmaking and Collaborations (click to access)

Voice of the Arhuacos: Transcending the Borders of “Indigenous” Filmmaking in Colombia

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