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Fiction Filmmaking as Research  - Call for chapter contributions


We are delighted to open a call for chapter contributions to a new book on Fiction Filmmaking as Research which will be published with Routledge and edited by Agata Lulkowska and Lee-Jane Bennion-Nixon. 


Fiction serves as the imaginative manifestation of our ideals, fears, and aspirations concerning identity, desires, and actions. We are compelled to reconcile our existence and significance within the fabric of our reality. Therefore, fiction films serve as powerful cultural artefacts that can influence and reshape societal perceptions, and powerful tools with potentially radical implications.  If fiction possesses such profound potential as a vehicle for comprehending the multifaceted intricacies of human identity, it follows that the craft inherent in the filmmaking process—underscored by collaborative creativity—ought not to be discounted or perceived as obscure. Utilizing process-led reflexive praxis, our objective for this volume is to facilitate increased utilisation of fiction filmmaking within a research framework. Whether this entails critical examination of the creative process or offering support to fellow researchers in their fiction-based research endeavours, our aim is to foster a deeper engagement with the potential of fiction filmmaking as a methodological tool.


The focus of this volume is the exploration of ways in which fiction filmmaking functions as research. Aimed at emerging and experienced filmmakers moving into academia or scholars reaching for fiction filmmaking as a method of investigation, we are interested in exploring the potential of fiction filmmaking in generating a new contribution to knowledge. Filmmaking-based research tends to centre around non-fiction and essay film, and we are determined to shed more light on the potential of different roles and departments contributing to the success of fiction filmmaking. 


We would like to invite contributors working with/thinking about fiction filmmaking to consider the way in which they contribute to knowledge through their practice. 


Please send a short abstract (300-500 words) by Monday 20th May at 12 noon to 

Agata Lulkowska ( and Lee-Jane Bennion-Nixon (

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