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Short; 35mm; 202; Warszawa, Poland

A short film shoot as an assignment for Film Direction at Kieślowski Film School, Katowice. 

The Voice of Sierra Nevada

Research video; 2015-2016; Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Collaborative video with the Arhuaco community from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. The main protagonist is the indigenous communicator and director, Amado Villafaña, head of Zhigoneshi and Yokosowi - indigenous filmmaking collectives. 

This Video forms a practical element of my practice-based PhD project which explores the questions of indigenous self-representation practices in the region as a response to European misrepresentations of the Arhuacos, as well as violence and forced displacements in the region. 

This video focuses specifically on the nature and reasons of indigenous filmmaking, exploring the questions of the ownership of the images, politics of representations and distribution. 

Research Video; 2012; Izcozasin, Palcazu, Peruvian Amazon

We Are Yanesha

A research video made with the Yanesha community from Izcozasin, Palcazu in Peruvian Amazon. 


A restored storyboard for a short I created during my Film Direction studies (selected pages).

Click on the image to see the full document. 

This channel is coming soon!
H-Air. A Video Installation

Wet hair, which become the metaphor of how the same thing takes completely new form in a changed situationThe importance of context, changing forms and every day’s metamorphosis. My recent video installation explores the impossibility of stillness and the fluid nature of changing forms, constantly transforming details impossible to capture.

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