Interdisciplinary Art/Practice-based researcher with a rich background in photography and multimedia arts and a strong research profile. Director of the Communities and Communication Conference and Festival,  Managing Editor at the International Journal of Creative Media Research and a Guest Editor at Contributions to Humanities Journal, and head of Film as Research Practica Research Group. I am also  Former Artistic Director and Head of Programming at the Discovering Latin America Film Festival.


Recipient of the International Award for Excellence for The Journal of Communication and Media Studies (June 2020).

Currently appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Film Production. Welcoming practice-based PhD candidates.  

Developing two international research projects:

 - Local knowledge and media production – from isolation to collaboration -  focused on facilitating small-scale media production among selected small South Pacific islands

 - A film project on Cultural and Ecological Importance of Ancient Temple tree worship (STHALAVRIKSHAS) in Tamil Nadu, India - in partnership with Brasil and India

My recent research film, 'The voice of Sierra Nevada', has recently been accepted to the Official Selection at the Docs Without Borders Film Festival competition.